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Datafile Portugal is the best internet source in English for research reports and data on business, tourism, leisure & hospitality, investment, economic, market, and sectors that include pharmaceuticals, telecommunications and energy. gives access to research reports and data on doing business in Portugal; tourism, leisure & hospitality opportunities; investment conditions; economic, market and sector-specific data and news briefings. Datafile showcases quality enterprises, such as the Pousadas network.  Datafile Portugal is a valuable tool for researchers, academics and business analysts focused on Portugal.


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Datafile Portugal is an essential source of business critical facts and figures about Portugal. A toolbox of invaluable information and insights in English used by:- analysts, institutions, investors, bankers, business, property developers, researchers, academics, writers, historians, diplomats

our high profile international readership - directors of financial institutions, ambassadors, foreign ministries, industry leaders, investors, movers and shapers in the economy.
Enjoy access to our comprehensive database of Portuguese business, economic, sector-specific and tourism data - your own information service available by email, RSS feed, Archive searches or through associated Chambers of Commerce.

Editor: Ken Pottinger, a writer and broadcaster with more than 30 years experience covering Portugal, Spain and the Portuguese-speaking world.
Ken Pottinger first landed in Portugal days after the April 25 1974 revolution and for more than a decade was  a correspondent for international media organisations including: BBC, Newsweek, International Herald Tribune, Daily Telegraph, South African Broadcasting Corp, CBC Canada, ABC Australia, Economist Intelligence Unit, Radio Nederland Wereldomroep and others. He and fellow foreign correspondents - Peter Wise of the FT, Martha de la Cal of Time magazine, Jill Jolliffe of the Guardian  and Peter Collis of The Times, initially set up Datafile in 1991 as a fax service.
Datafile has developed extensive contacts in the business, diplomatic  and political fields.
Ken Pottinger, now sole proprietor and editor, has done considerable reporting on the former Portuguese territories- Angola, Mozambique Guinea Bissau, Cape Verde Sao Tome East Timor and Macau.

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