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Portugal's XVII constitutional government
Full cabinet list showing complete names, ministers, secretaries of state, and full contact details is available to subscribers only.

Prime Minister, José Sócrates
Socialist Party leader, MP

Minister of State and Home Affairs, António Costa
Euro-MP and vice-president of the European Parliament; former president of the Socialist Party Parliamentary Group ex-minister of justice;

 Minister of State and Foreign Affairs, Diogo Freitas do Amaral
Chair of faculty and professor at New University of Lisbon, former chairman of the UN General Assembly; former deputy PM and foreign minister (1980); former deputy PM and Minister of Defence (1981 – 1982); founder of the CDS-Christian Democrat Party.

Minister of Defence, Luís Amado
Former secretary of state for foreign affairs and cooperation and former asst. Secretary of State to the Ministry of Home Affairs 

Minister of State and Finance, Luís Campos Cunha
Director and professor and chair of faculty of economics at New University of Lisbon, PhD from Columbia University of New York, ex-deputy governor of Bank of Portugal

Minister of the Economy, Manuel Pinho
PhD in economics from University of Paris; member of the Board of BES-Banco Espírito Santo, former director general of the Treasury

Minister of Labour and Social Security, José António Vieira da Silva
Deputy and chairman of the parliamentary committee on Labour and Social Affairs, former secretary of State for Social Security and ex secretary of State for Public Works; lecturer at ISCTE. 

Minister of Justice, Alberto Costa
MP and former chairman of the parliamentary commission on European affairs, member of the Convention for the future of Europe; former minister of home affairs

Minister of Health, António Correia de Campos
Faculty head and chair and president of the Scientific Council at the National Public Health School of University of Lisbon; former Ministry of Health; former president of the National Institute of Administration (public service college) 

Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and Fishing, Jaime Silva
Principal administrator of the Department of business and industry at the European Commission; principal council at REPER and spokesman for the Special Agriculture Committee of the European Council of agriculture Ministers

Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology, Mariano Gago
Faculty head and chair at the Higher Technical Institute and chairman of the Laboratory for Instrumentation and Experimental Particle Physics; former Minister of Science and Technology and former chairman of the National Scientific and Technology Investigation Board.

Minister in the PM's office, Pedro Silva Pereira
Lecturer at the Law Faculty of Lisbon, former secretary of state for Town and Regional Planning and Nature Conservation, deputy an PS spokesman; 

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Augusto Santos Silva
Former Ministry of Education and former Minister of Culture, professor faculty of economics at Oporto university, PhD in sociology, MP 

Minister of Culture, Isabel Pires de Lima
Chair of Arts at the Oporto Faculty of Arts, PhD in Portuguese literature, MP

Minister of Public Works, Mário Lino
Ex chairman of a Águas de Portugal Group (1996 – 2002); PhD in hydrology and hydrological Resources (University of the state of Colorado) 

Minister of education, Mária de Lurdes Rodrigues
Chairman of the ISCTE Scientific Council and PhD in sociology; former chairman of the Science and Technology Observatory 

Minister of Environment, Francisco Nunes Correia
Chairman of LNEC-National Engineering Laboratory and chair of faculty of Environment and Hydrology resources at the Higher Technical Institute, Ex national co-ordinator of the Polis programme and the National Environment Policy Plan.

Secretary of State, Cabinet, Jorge Lacão
MP ex president Parliamentary group and various parliamentary committees, visiting lecturer Lusíada university

Photos and text, copyright and acknowledgements to Jornal de Negócios

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